Book One - Elaref Ahmed

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Explores the intellectual foundations of skepticism and belief(ism) and provides a conclusive critique that renders both positions untenable. The resulting position of agnosticism is highlighted as the position of knowing of one's ignorance and being dissatisfied with it.

The early chapters review the history of philosophy and lead the reader up to the present: the impasse embodied in the problem of the criterion - we need a method to be able to know and we need an instance of knowledge in order to form a method.

Philosophy began as a quest for knowledge and has culminated in the following. Knowledge is held to be impossible and justified belief is taken to be all that we can hope for. We don’t know if there is a God or not, we don’t know if there is a world or not and we do not even know if we exist continuously or not.

The middle chapters break through the impasse and present the foundation of knowledge. This is knowledge proper, or in the hard sense, not merely justified belief. Standing on this solid foundation idealism is destroyed and the reader led out of its implications by demonstrating that, in fact, we do exist continuously and the real world exists.

In the latter chapters of a book wherein almost every page presents something novel and significant, the author presents perhaps its most significant result: the existence of God.

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